Website Improvement Calculator

This calculator estimates the annual financial value of a website and then lets you run scenarios that calculate the effects of quality assessment and redevelopment.

While it produces estimated results it is useful to see the range of scenarios of possible benefits vs costs of improvements. And it should be interesting to see what your site's annual value is if you don't know it. Please note: this form is private to you only and we do not see or keep any of the information entered or the results. The fields highlighted in blue are assumptions you enter or change.


Step 1: Calculate Your Website's Annual Financial Value

Please note:

Annual Visits are the number of each of your primary user groups' visits (or sessions) expected during the next year. You can get this from your usage reporting or analytics and adjust for any change expected during the upcoming year.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of total visits from that user group that result in a desired action, e.g. complete a transaction or participate in a discussion. This also comes from your usage reporting if is set up for it.

Value of each Conversion is what a converted visit is worth to you. For government this can be hard to estimate accurately but the saving of cost of the user using an alternative channel is often useful.

The Total Annual Value for all Primary User Groups is a good measure of what your website contributes to your organisation.

Primary User Group(s) Annual Visits Conversion Rate (%) Value of Each Conversion ($) Annual Website Value ($)


Step 2: See What a Website Assessment (and Subsequent Redevelopment) Could be Worth for your Website

The main financial benefits from a website assessment (and some resulting redevelopment) are in improving the rate at which new users act in the way you intend (the conversion rate) and also in better search readiness and accessibility and therefore increased site visits. Would a 25% improvement in website quality result in around a 25% improvement in the conversion of your incoming users? Would a better website make it more likely to be talked about by your users, be more accessible and gain a little more traffic, say 10%? These are the assumptions we suggest starting with to see whether an assessment could be worthwhile. Please change them to adjust for your expectations of your site if you wish.

Conversion Rate Improvement (%) Annual Visits Increase from Findability & Accessibility (%)

Current Annual Visits After Redevelopment
Annual Visits
Current Average
Conversion Rate (%)
After Redevelopment
Conversion Rate (%)
Current Annual
Website Value ($)
After Redevelopment
Website Value ($)
Improvement in
Annual Value ($)

Step 3: Compare the Benefits of a Website Assessment and Subsequent Redevelopment with their Costs

Our typical client might spend $4,000 for a full best practices site assessment which produces a minimum of 80 meaningful or user-significant areas for improvement. Our clients then might typically select around 20 of these opportunities to address immediately which may cost twice as much or $8,000. Changes made have around a two year life span. Once again you can change these assumptions to fit you better.

Website Assessment Costs ($) Expected Redevelopment Costs ($) Total Costs ($)
Annual Improvement ($) Lifespan of Improvements (Years) Total Benefits ($)
Net Benefits of Assessment & Redevelopment over Lifespan ($)