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Our Services

The services of e-Gov Watch are concerned with the quality assessment of government websites and online strategy.

The quality assessment services range comprises:

Our Assessment Process:

Example of best practices assessment chart

Full Best Practices Assessment

The Full Best Practices Assessment includes a Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) assessment to which is added assessment of the 'core business' of a government site: information and services delivery and site usability as well as the stretching elements: e-consultation, personalisation, feedback and cross organisation integration.  Information and e-services expectations are specific to the organisation's outcomes.  This assessment provides an excellent measure of overall site quality.  Results for each criteria area are graphed against comparative government sites' results showing in an executive view the site's relative strengths and weaknesses.

Structure & Content Assessment

This assessment combines structural elements (usability and Government Web Standards) and content elements (information and e-services delivery) and is a more economical option than the full best practices assessment. Information and e-services expectations are specific to the organisation's outcomes.

Structural Assessment

Review of the structural elements of a website for Accessibility and Usability conducted once a site's HTML framework and sample web pages are developed. This assessment allows more time in a redevelopment process to address any issues found.

Content Assessment

Review of the information areas and e-services of a site each across a range of criteria related to findability, context and presentation. This assessment is often useful to allow early signals of content editing priorities while structural aspects are being configured.

Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) Assessment

Some organisations may wish to be assessed against only the minimum standard - the user-facing aspects of the Accessibility Standard 1.0 and Usability Standard 1.0

Compliance Advice Report

An advisory report prioritising issues found during a Full Best Practices, Structure & Content, Structural, Content or Web Standards assessment, describing implications of each issue to users and advising remedial actions to fix the problem.

Summary Best Practices Assessment

The Summary Best Practices Assessment covers the key aspects of each of the full criteria areas including elements of the Web Standards, information and services delivery and site usability as well as the stretching elements: e-consultation, personalisation, feedback and cross organisation integration.  This assessment provides a good measure of overall site quality. This assessment gives an indication of the site's strengths and weaknesses and areas to address for improvement.

Mini Review

For smaller sites or with modest user volumes, this low budget review focuses on just the key possibilities in a summary report. It is not a criteria-based assessment like our others but is experience-based, highlighting 20 'low-hanging fruit' opportunities for quick wins for your website's evolution.

Supplementary Website Assessment

If an agency wants to make changes following a Website Assessment and has tracked the changes against the original Assessment we can re-review the site against the changes made.  This is a low cost service offered to existing clients to enable them to review and refine their site and reflect these changes in their ratings.

Please find pricing for these services below. To inquire about further about the nature of any of these services or how they might apply to your site, please contact us.

This chart shows the criteria areas and depths covered by each of our services.

Chart showing the depths and breadths of each EGW product

What is an e-Gov Watch Assessment?

E-Gov Watch's main offering is the quality assessment of government websites against its comprehensive set of best government online practices criteria.  The assessment criteria are wide ranging and apply to all government sites. 

The criteria are grouped into the following nine criteria areas;

Criteria Areas
No. of Criteria Elements
Source of Criteria
Required Government Content
11 criteria
Usability Standard 1.0
36 criteriaAccessibility Standard 1.0
142 criteria
Best practices in website usability applicable to e-government
Information Delivery
13 criteria for each Information Item (typically 5 to 15 Information Items
per website)
Information Items from planning documents, websites of comparable organisations,  Estimates of Appropriations plus website content
e-Services Delivery
16 criteria for each e-Service (typically 0 to 12 e-Services per website)
Service Items from planning documents, websites of comparable organisations,  Estimates of Appropriations plus website content
20 criteria
Best  practices in  personalisation applicable to e-government
Cross-Organisation Integration
14 criteria
Best practices in cross-organisation integration applicable to e-government
6 criteria
Best practices in feedback applicable to e-government 
31 criteria for each consultation offered in the last year
Best e-government practices in e-consultation

Expert assessors evaluate the website assessed, rate the site on a 0 to 10 scale against each of the criteria and add comments and links to examples of issues where relevant.  Each of the criteria is weighted for importance.  The combination of ratings and weightings are summed up to a score out of 100 for each criteria area.  

Each criteria area is also weighted for importance relative to the type of government organisation.  For example, policy agencies may not have significant scope for e-services delivery but a greater need for e-consultation. 

Government organisations with multiple websites can get each site assessed individually as well as an aggregate overall rating for comparison with other organisations.

The criteria, ratings, comments and weightings are delivered in the form of an Excel workbook with separate worksheets for each criteria area and a summary page.  This digital format allows clients to see the calculations clearly and to follow the example web links back to the source of issues found.  Each worksheet is also formatted for printing.

How Long do the Assessments take?

Full assessments typically take five working days to complete with faster reviews available upon discussion.

What is our Methodology?

An e-Gov Watch assessment generally takes 5 working days depending on the complexity of the site.  The steps in the assessment process are:

  1. You approve the assessment.
  2. We ask you to provide temporary guest access for any secure areas you want included.
  3. We carry out the review against the relevant criteria and send the results to you.
  4. You have an agreed time period (usually 2 weeks) to review our findings and come back to us to clarify any findings, discuss any items you disagree with and to finalise the results
  5. We take any remedial action required to finalise the results.  We will inform you of your ranking against other agencies and best in criteria rankings.
  6. We ask permission to publish your summary result if you are in the top 10 of rankings.

What are the Benefits of an e-Gov Watch Assessment?

The benefits of an e-Gov Watch website assessment are;

  • Clear and specific guidance of where potential problems are to be found in your website
  • Support in justification of bids for resources to expand online capabilities
  • Ability to compare website quality with other government organisations and gauge relative performance
  • Expert assessment independent from development interests
  • Assessment  against both the minimum standards (Government Web Standards & Recommendations) and best e-government practices
  • Cost effective way of reviewing and identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your website


When is the best time to get your website assessed?

The best times to get an e-Gov Watch website assessment are;

  • To justify the redevelopment of a website, in the sense of an independent review supporting the case for change
  • During a major redevelopment to check the quality of the site and allowing the opportunity to remedy any issues found (especially during an external developer's warrantee period)
  • At any time to establish a benchmark for further improvement

Are our sevices available internationally?

We are beginning to offer our services internationally.  We tailor our criteria to the local government criteria available in each country and to suit different types of government agencies be they federal, state or local organisation.  We also tailor our criteria to the type of organisation for example whether they are policy or service delivery organisations.  We will tailor our criteria to meet your type of organisation while at the same time maintaining integrity within our criteria to enable cross organisational comparison.

All enquiries for countries outside New Zealand should contact us to enquire about relevant pricing and assessment standards.


The prices for assessments and related services for individual websites are;

e-Gov Watch Services

Price per site*

(excl GST)

Full Best Practices Assessment

Compliance Advice Report - Full Best Practices Assessment

Structure & Content Assessment

Compliance Advice Report - Structure & Content Assessment

Structural Assessment

Compliance Advice Report - Structural Assessment

Content Assessment

Compliance Advice Report - Content Assessment

Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) Assessment


Compliance Advice Report - Web Standards Assessment

Summary Best Practices Assessment

Mini Review

Supplementary Website Assessment

Depends upon the
extent of changes made

* All prices are based on websites of 'normal' size and complexity. Very large or complex sites may be subject to an additional cost on a case by case basis.  Similarly, very small sites may be eligible for a discounted price.  Assessments of multiple sites are also eligible for discounted rates.  Please contact us to discuss pricing options.


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