The prices for assessments and related services for individual websites are:

e-Gov Watch ServicesPrice per site* (excl GST)
Full Best Practices Assessment

$4,000 (regular site*)

$6,000 (large site*)

$8,000 (mega site*)

Compliance Advice Report - Full Best Practices Assessment +$1,800 (all sites)
Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) Assessment $1,600 (all sites)
Compliance Advice Report - Web Standards Assessment +$800
Summary Best Practices Assessment $1,200
Website Valuation Estimate

$3,000 (regular site*)

$5,000 (large site*)

$8,000 (mega site*)

Before and After Quality and Value Assessment 

$14,000 (regular site*)

$20,000 (large site*)

$28,000 (mega site*)

 * A regular site for our assessment pricing purposes would have 7 to 20 information areas and e-services. A large site would have 21 to 49 information areas and e-services. A mega site would have 50 or more information areas or e-services.  We are happy to assess the size of prospective websites, of course, at no cost to you. Assessments of multiple sites are also eligible for discounted rates, typically at less 10% for three to five sites and 15% for six or more.  Please contact us to discuss pricing options.