Assessments FAQ

How Long do the Assessments take?

Full assessments typically take five working days to complete with faster reviews available upon discussion.

What is our Methodology?

The steps in the assessment process are:

  1. You approve the assessment.
  2. We ask you to provide temporary guest access for any secure areas you want included.
  3. We carry out the review against the relevant criteria and send the results to you.
  4. You have an agreed time period (usually 2 weeks) to review our findings and come back to us to clarify any findings, discuss any items you disagree with and to finalise the results
  5. We take any remedial action required to finalise the results.  We will inform you of your ranking against other agencies and best in criteria rankings.
  6. We ask permission to publish your summary result if you are in the top 10 of rankings.

What are the Benefits of an e-Gov Watch Assessment?

The benefits of an e-Gov Watch website assessment are;

  • Clear and specific guidance of where potential problems are to be found in your website and where value may be added
  • Support in justification of bids for resources to expand online capabilities
  • Ability to compare website quality with other government organisations and gauge relative performance
  • Expert assessment independent from development interests
  • Assessment  against both the minimum standards (Government Web Standards & Recommendations) and best e-government practices
  • Cost effective way of reviewing and identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your website

When is the best time to get your website assessed?

The best times to get an e-Gov Watch website assessment are;

  • When justifying the redevelopment of a website, in the sense of an independent review supporting the case for change
  • During a major redevelopment to check the quality of the site and allowing the opportunity to remedy any issues found (especially during an external developer's warrantee period)
  • At any time to establish a benchmark for further improvement

Are our sevices available internationally?

We are willing to offer our services internationally.  We can tailor our criteria to the relevant government criteria required in each country and to suit different types of government agencies be they federal, state or local organisations.  We also tailor our criteria to the type of organisation for example whether they are policy or service delivery organisations.  We will tailor our criteria to meet your type of organisation while at the same time maintaining integrity within our criteria to enable cross organisational comparison.

All enquiries for countries outside New Zealand should contact us to enquire about relevant pricing and assessment standards.