Assessment Services

We believe high quality government websites produce the highest value for users and their owning agencies. Our quality assessments provide unbiased opinions on the gaps to best practice and encourage potential improvements to improve web channel value.

Full Best Practices Assessment
The Full Best Practices Assessment includes a Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) assessment to which is added assessment of the 'core business' of a government site: information and services delivery and site usability as well as the stretching elements: e-consultation, personalisation, site findability, feedback and collaboration and integration. Information and e-services expectations are specific to the organisation's outcomes. This assessment provides an excellent measure of overall site quality. Results for each criteria area are graphed against comparative government sites' results showing in an executive view the site's relative strengths and weaknesses.
Web Standards (Accessibility & Usability) Assessment
Some organisations may wish to be assessed against only the minimum standard - the user-facing aspects of the Accessibility Standard 1.0 and Usability Standard 1.0
Compliance Advice Report
An advisory report prioritising issues found during a Full Best Practices or Web Standards assessment, describing implications of each issue to users and advising remedial actions to fix the problem.
Website Valuation Estimate
The approach here is an evaluation of usage reports to discern annual enquiry and other transaction levels, comparative costing of online and other delivery channels and estimation of overall net value.
Before and After Quality and Value Assessment Package
This is a premium online value acceleration combining a Full Best Practices Assessment, Compliance Report and Website Valuation Estimate before a redevelopment phase set at a duration such as six months followed by a follow-up Full Assessment and revised Valuation.