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White Paper: Integrated Service Clusters - A Way Through Audience Complexity

  • Document type:
    White paper
  • Author:
    Shane Middlemiss, e-Gov Watch Ltd
  • Published date:
    29 September 2009
  • Primary audience:
    Government Web Site / Channel Managers, Government CIOs, Government Service Delivery Managers
  • Pages:

Integrated service clusters are a way through user complexity and will make the Web an effective channel of engagement with key government stakeholders. Whether supported from the centre or not, government agencies and local authorities have a historic opportunity to transcend their borders and embrace the worldviews of their stakeholder users. This paper encourages all from within government to collaborate with peers in other organisations that share common audiences and together design the integrated channels that will truly make a difference to users.


  • The 2009 e-Government Integration Situation
  • What is the Consequence of Non-Integrated Approaches?
  • What are Integrated Service Clusters (ISCs)?
  • What are the Benefits of ISCs?
  • Where are they Needed?
  • What Stops them from Happening?
  • How can they be Created Effectively?

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