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White Paper: The End Game for Government Websites

  • Document type:
    White paper
  • Author:
    Shane Middlemiss, e-Gov Watch Ltd
  • Published date:
    29 September 2009
  • Primary audience:
    Government Web Site / Channel Managers, Government CIOs
  • Pages:

This paper is a summary of compelling prospects envisaged for government transformation the way an e-government strategist would like it to happen. The purpose of the paper is to give public sector decision-makers a sense of what could be so they can see an outline of their agency's potential online future. Central to this proposed vision is the idea of flipping the broadcast-style model of one agency to many people, to the personalised and integrated many-to-one model of government. It can be easy to stay mired in the grind of standards compliance, executive ambivalence, under-resourcing and agency siloism. There is a different way that meets users where they are, provides simplicity of engagement and makes a difference in their lives - a true public e-service.


  • Progress to Date - 2009
  • An Extended Vision of Government Transformation
  • Assumptions of this Vision
  • User Experience Design
  • Personalisation
  • Cross-Organisation Integration
  • Cross-Government Collaboration
  • e-Democracy / e-Consultation
  • Conclusions

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