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White Paper: After Deep Deliberation - A Model for Cross-Government e-Consultation

  • Document type:
    White paper
  • Author:
    Shane Middlemiss, e-Gov Watch Ltd
  • Published date:
    29 September 2009
  • Primary audience:
    Government Policy Managers, Government Web Site / Channel Managers, Government CIOs
  • Pages:

Traditional consultation processes are expensive and have varying levels of legitimacy and effectiveness. While the use of the Internet for supporting democratic processes has been widely discussed, there appears to have been little realization of comprehensive, practical and sustained working applications. In short, there appears to be no comprehensive e-consultation solution on offer to government entities. This paper describes such a comprehensive model drawing upon best online practices.


  • Summary
  • Why e-Consultation vs Traditional Consultation?
  • Opportunities for Practical e-Consultation
  • e-Consultation Design Principles
  • A Typical e-Consultation Process for Stakeholders
  • The Proposed e-Consultation Approach
  • Development Options
  • Avoiding Bias, Undue Influence or Abuse
  • e-Consultation Support Roles
  • Proposed Development Path
  • Further Development Required
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix 1: Personal Policy Portal Key Page Mockups
  • Appendix 2: e-Consultation Platform Key Page Mockups

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