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Site Usability

Site usability is the extent to which a user can find and use services and information from a website to achieve a goal.  Simply put it asks how easy is it for people to get what they need from your site.

  Website Scores Noted Best Practice
1. Elections NZ

95.8 Clarity of homepage layout and navigation, information chunking, written for the web, see also features
2. Census 93.5 Forms flow, feedback, logical layout
3. NZ Qualifications Authority 91.1 Multiple navigation, types including by user role, rich cross linking, clean online writing
4. Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ 90.7 Strong visual layout, balanced navigation, rich cross-linking, excellent writing
5. Careers New Zealand 89.8 Home page balance, audience entry pages, user-oriented linking, search
6. ACC 88.5 Role-based audience entry pages, balance of features, search features, look and feel