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Personalisation assesses the degree to which information and services are personalised to specific users or user groups.  The criteria evaluates how easily the information and services are made available to individual users and whether they are able to tailor information to their individual needs.  This is a "stretch" criteria area and these services are expected to be available by 2007-2010 according to the e-Government Strategy.

  Website Scores Noted Best Practice
1. Careers New Zealand 62.7 My Career Space extranets integrate services for individuals, role-based navigation, subscriptions
2. Sorted 56.8 My Plan extranets offered to all users save results of all calculations and add news
3. Auckland City Libraries
Newsletter subscription, RSS, blog commenting, extranet availability for key user groups
4. NZ Qualifications Authority 41.2 Role-based navigation, extranet availability for key user groups
5. Food Safety Authority 40.6 NNewsletter subscription, new content notification, user role navigation, extranet for key user groups
6. NZ Immigration Service 34.5 Extranet for skilled migrants, individualised navigation, user role navigation
7. Elections NZ
33.0 E-news, RSS news, extranet availability for key groups