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Information Delivery

Information Delivery assesses whether users can find and use information online simply and easily.  The information areas assessed are based on the accountability documents of the specific agency.  Each area is evaluated for how easily found it is, how well introduced or put in context and the quality of the content itself, including layout, writing quality, contacts and formats.

  Website Scores Noted Best Practices
1. Careers New Zealand
92.0 Introductory text, writing for the web, completeness of coverage
2. Department of Internal Affairs
88.0 Introductions, writing for the web, complete coverage, complete contact details
3. Auckland City Library 86.7 Online writing quality,topic coverage, Ask a Librarian
4. NZ Police 85.9 Effective categorisation, clean searching, introduction layout, information body layout, clear writing
5. MAF Biosecurity NZ
85.3 Online writing quality, contemporay page layout
6. New Plymouth District Council 84.5 Information coverage, writing quality