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Government Web Standards & Recommendations

The Government Web Standards are assessed against the Web Usability Standard 1.2 (our "Required Government Content") and the Web Accessibility Standard 1.0. They are mandatory for Ministries and Departments.

  Website Scores Noted Best Practices
1. Office of the Auditor-General 93.5 Validated code, PDF support, forms tabbing, site policies, required email addresses
2. Audit New Zealand 89.7 WAI compliance, small home page size, all HTML content, about us, required email addresses
3. Creative New Zealand
87.1 Approved document grammars, access keys, non-table layout, cross-browser compliance
4. The Treasury
87.1 Reading sequence, keyboard operable, skip links, site policies
5. Inland Revenue
86.6 Text equivalents to images, approved formal grammars, PDF use, forms features, style sheets, Crown copyright
6. Elections NZ
86.3 Site policies, required emails, RSS, general content requirements, document links, forms accessibility