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e-Services Delivery

E-Services Delivery asks the question "Can users access the online services they can reasonably expect to?"  An e-service is an interactive transaction of some sort usually requiring the user to enter or do something and a response or outcome provided.  The e-services assessed for each site is based on the accountability documents of the specific government agency that outline what services the government agency will provide.  Are these services easy to find and use online?  Can users get the service they need easily?

  Website Scores   Noted Best Practices
1. Census Online
78.4   Branching forms, clear layout (not publicly available yet)
2. Sorted 77.1   Services titles, interesting games, easy data entry and clear reporting, high usability
3. Land Information NZ 77.0   Service titles, usability, data entry, reporting
4. Pharmac 76.9   Introduction layout, good usability, clear reporting
5. Public Trust 76.5   Prominent homepage linking, phone and web form contacts, useful utilities
6. Standards NZ 74.5   Clear data entry, good usability
7. Careers New Zealand 74.0   Range of e-services, usability, clarity of reporting