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Cross-Organisation Integration

Cross organisation integration looks at the extent to which people can access related information which is not necessarily available from your organisation.  Cross organisation integration requires working closely with other organisation to provide a seamless service to users. Cross Organisation Integration is part of our "Stretch Criteria" and is expected to be provided by government agencies in 2007-2010 according to the e-Government Strategy.

  Website Scores Noted Best Practices
1. Elections NZ 58.6 Numerous cross-links within site and to contributing organisations, internal service clusters, common cross-organisation look and feel
2. Careers New Zealand 45.0 Extensive linking, internal services clusters, common login across services
3. Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ 41.4 Extensive linking, internal services clusters, consistent portal descriptions, many links to and from non-government organisations
4. Government Portal 40.7 Extensive linking, services clusters, common approach for other portals, common cross-agency data model
5. Land Information NZ 33.0 Internal and external linking, service clusters, GIS standards
6. NZ Immigration Service 32.8 Rich inter-linking with controlled exits, shared metadata with Worksite
7. Government Jobs Online 30.3 Cross-organisation metadata and file standards