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Article: How to Channel Shift

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  • Author:
    Shane Middlemiss, e-Gov Watch Ltd
  • Published date:
    19 April 2012
  • Primary audience:
    Government Web Site / Channel Managers, Government CIOs
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This article outlines eight strategies for encouraging higher rates of usage of government online channels. It advocates a quality and results approach that suggests 'build it better and they will come (and keep coming)'.

The strategies are;

  • Strategy 1: Bridge information and transactions
  • Strategy 2: Cap your pyramid by personalisation
  • Strategy 3: Laminate your audience slices with others
  • Strategy 4: Socialise your web spaces
  • Strategy 5: Meet them on the road - go mobile
  • Strategy 6: Monitor and target online channel contribution
  • Strategy 7: Monitor quality of online delivery
  • Strategy 8: Get serious internal help


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