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About Us


Our Vision


All people are able to find and use government information and services easily online.


Our Values


We will maintain independence from web site delivery services.  Assessments will be unbiased and consistently applied regardless of the client.


We will apply due diligence in evaluating every criterion.  All assessments will be put through a process of quality assurance.  All quality issues will be investigated and acted upon promptly with no addition cost to clients

Right Relations

We will honour the agreements we make.  We will be accountable for breaches to agreements and act to remedy then.  Open communication will be valued and encouraged. We aim to work with our clients, suppliers and the public to attain our vision and support the achievement of their goals.

What are e-Gov Watch's Credentials?


  • E-Gov Watch has reviewed over 160 New Zealand government sites against its criteria and has extensive comparative benchmark results  available
  • The developer of the e-Gov Watch methodology and Chief Assessor, Shane Middlemiss, has over 10 years experience in e-government planning and development across central, regional and local government levels.  He assisted in editing the initial set of Government Web Guidelines.  He is a recognised expert in e-Government strategy.
  • Specialist assessment is conducted in the accessibility and usability areas by the companies Accease Ltd and University of Waikato respectively.
  • Our team is made up of professionals with extensive government experience


Who we are

e-Gov Watch Ltd is a small, independently-owned New Zealand company.  We have a team of experts who are leaders in their field.  We are independent from any web development companies and are therefore able to offer independent, objective reviews of your websites.


Our Team



Shane Middlemiss – Executive Director and Chief Assessor

Shane has had extensive e-government experience over the last 11 years.  He has worked as a consultant in e-strategy, content management, and project management for government agencies since 1997.  Shane has worked on contracts for SSC, Ministry of Education, Department of Internal Affairs and recently the Office of the Auditor General.  Shane is one of the leading thinkers in the e-government space in New Zealand.  Shane developed the e-Gov Watch criteria two years ago and has successfully established these criteria as one of the leading measures of e-Government performance here in New Zealand.  There are no similar models available anywhere in the world that is as comprehensive in measuring e-Government performance.  Shane completes the assessments for Information and Services, E-Services, Consultation and Cross Integration and controls the overall quality of our assessments through sampling of the results from the rest of our team to ensure consistency in performance.


AccEase Ltd

AccEase are our accessibility experts.  They are committed to helping organisations ensure that their on-line information is accessible. Services include accessibility auditing, user-testing by a panel of testers with disabilities, consulting on accessibility issues and constructing accessible web sites.  They also develop accessibility purpose statements and in-house development methodologies. Principals are Robyn Hunt and Mike Osborne.

Robyn Hunt is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the field of disability. Her expertise has allowed AccEase to put together a unique panel of disabled testers. As an award-winning journalist and communicator she brings extensive experience to ensuring readable, accessible web sites and other electronic communications.

Mike Osborne has a long background in software development and consulting on IT, measurement, reporting, effective meetings practice and other business management areas. He brings a focus on software usability and on simplifying the communication and presentation of complex information which lead him naturally into the area of accessibility.


Waikato University Usability Laboratory

Waikato University Usability Laboratory are our usability experts.  The Usability Laboratory promotes and facilitates innovation and quality through academic-industry relationships within many areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) including user-centred design, usability and interaction design.  This is done by offering three valuable services to the NZ ICT industry: User Experience / Usability Consulting, Industry & Government -Focused Research, and Academic Research.

Established in 2001, we offer one of the most experienced teams of usability practitioners and researchers to the NZ IT industry.

The team is well versed in all aspects of usability and HCI.  In addition, the Usability Laboratory has the most extensive usability testing and evaluation facilities in NZ.  We have provided consulting and research services to a number of NZ commercial organisations and government agencies.  The Usability Laboratory provides high quality outputs; and developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients is an important part of the ethos of the Usability Laboratory.

The team for this project involves Kirsten Thomson (Manager), Dave Nichols and Chris Knowles.  The team has a combined 50 years experience and are well-versed in all areas of usability.  Members of the team have specialised areas of interest including customer and user experiences, strategic and tactical web development, e-learning, cognitive complexity, task analysis, information development, the implementation of website technologies, digital library development and technologies, remote usability testing, remote testing, and out-of-the-box experiences (OOBE).

The Usability Laboratory is a part of the University of Waikato Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Research Group which is based in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Waikato.




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