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e-Government Articles
  Prime Mover: The Role of the Online Channel Manager
An expanded role for delivering strategic online outcomes in government organisations
  Private Behaviour Change While Saving Public Money
A proposal for behaviour change supported by online tools and community
  How to Channel Shift
A paper outlining practical strategies for encouraging an agency's stakeholders to choose its online channel
  More for Less Government is Many to One
Research showing government sites are not integrated or personalised and the missed opportunity this represents for cost-effective government
  The End Game for Government Websites
A vision for government site managers outlining how best practices could combine into compelling user experiences
  After Deep Deliberation: A Model for Cross-Government e-Consultation
A practical platform-based approach to taking consultation to the next level with deep personalisation and social media capabilities
  Integrated Service Clusters: A Way Through Audience Complexity
What could happen when agencies and other organisations get together to serve common audiences with integrated processes and personalisation



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